If Greed is shown exactly three times, Harvest is shown exactly twice, and Limelight is shown exactly once, then whic...

inagj on October 21, 2017

Both B and E are correct!

Thursday: G, H Friday: G, H Saturday; G, L So only two fils are shown on Saturday and greed and harvest are shown on Friday!

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Mehran on October 22, 2017

Hi @inagj, thanks for your post. Did you have the opportunity to watch the video setup and question explanations for this game? You can access them by selecting the video icon in the top right hand corner when viewing the question.

JackieVii44 on June 24, 2018

I'm still not understanding this question and response. I watched the video break down about 3-4 times.

Christopher on June 28, 2018

@JackieVii44, the question adds new conditions to the mix which allows you to nail down a significant amount of the puzzle. Since each movie can only be shown once each day, saying that G is show three times means that it is shown all three days. Since the condition for Saturday is that either G OR H is shown, for H to be shown twice, then it must be shown on Thursday and Friday. L is shown once, which allows L to be shown either Thursday or Saturday.

So looking at the answer choices...

(A) is possible. You could have: LGH on Thursday, HG on Friday, and G on Saturday. But this can also be false. It can also be GH on Thursday, HG on Friday, and LG on Saturday. So (A) could be true but this is asking for MUST be true.

(B) is also possible but wrong for the same reason as (A).

(C) is possible, but again, L COULD be shown on Saturday rather than Thursday, so this is not a must be true answer.

(D) is possible, but L could also be on Saturday, so this isn't necessarily true.

(E) MUST be true. If H must be shown twice and cannot be shown on Saturday, then it MUST be shown on Thursday and Friday. If G is to be shown three times, then it MUST be shown every day. Therefore, you can conclude that H and G MUST be shown on Friday.

All of the other answers are possible, but only (E) presents a must be true situation as asked in the question.

Does that help?