Which one of the following could be an accurate account of all the kinds of material recycled at each recycling cente...

Kirby on November 25, 2017

Conclusion exaplantion

I am confused about some of the conclusions and deductions. I️t is stated that if you're not recycled in center 1 then you can't be recycled in center 2. Then I️t is stated that plastic can only be in 1 or 3. I may be understanding this wrong. So is the question basically stating that everything in 1 has to be in 2, but not vice versa. So that's why 1 can have plastic because I️t wouldn't be in center 2, but if center 2 has P, center 1 definitely has to have plastic and that would nullify the condition.

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Mehran on November 27, 2017

Hi @kirbyjohn, thanks for your post. Have you had a chance to review the video explanation for this game? It may answer your query. Let us know if it does not! Best of luck.

Iye on October 5, 2018

this is all wrong . i am trying to take the lsat practice test and it's giving me answer choices that have nothing to do with the question