Which one of the following must be true about any acceptable product code?

Olivia on January 5, 2018


hello, I am just starting the June 2017 practice test on this site! Wanted to ask a quick question about the first set of problems. I watched the explanations of each question and specifically when answering question #2 at the bottom on video it shoes two possible ways the numbers can be arranged. My question is..are those two ways in the video based off the information in the question? Or were they possible combinations from a specific question number in the set?

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Mehran on January 8, 2018

Hello, these are based on the initial setup of this game.

Make sure you watch the "Setup Video," but if the second digit has a value exactly twice that of the first digit, there are only "two" possibilities for digits 1 and 2:

(1): 1 2 __ __ __
(2) : 2 4 __ __ __

Hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.