If Freedom makes a voyage to Guadeloupe in week 1 and to Trinidad in week 2, which one of the following must be true?

Lauren on January 13, 2018

Don't understand

If Guadeloupe has to be the destination before Jamaica, is this question allowing for the rules to be changed?


Mehran on January 15, 2018

Hi @MsLaurenLorde, thanks for your post. There is a video explanation available for this game; if you click "view" and then hit the little "play" button (the right arrowhead), you can watch our setup explanation.

Hope this helps.

Joel on March 5, 2019

This question doesn't make any sense, and is intrinsically flawed. It's invalidating the previous statement in the original conditions that Guadeloupe must be the destination before Jamaica by making an impossible hypothetical question stating that we should assume the destination after Guadeloupe is Trinidad. This is a flawed question and should not be considered as a part of the score for the test. Don't you agree?

Ravi on March 11, 2019

Hey there,

Great to see you're engaging strongly with the question. However, this
question is not intrinsically flawed. I'm pretty sure where you're
going wrong is with your reading of the rule that says, "Guadalupe
will be its destination in the week preceding any voyage it makes to

This rule means that when we see Jamaica, we must see Guadalupe before it.

J - ->GJ

It looks like you misunderstood the rule and thought it was saying

G - >GJ. This is not what the rule is saying, however. This is
confusing the G to be the sufficient condition for the rule when the
sufficient condition is actually J.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any questions!

on August 11, 2020

Thank you for asking this question & thank you for answering this Ravi. I was getting stuck on this as well.