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mikaylamobley on January 17, 2018

Game 3, question 3

In question 3, why is the answer A instead of C? Is it wrong to assume that if Lentils is in spot 6, that Mushrooms are not automatically in spot 3?

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I am confused on the same thing. It is literally stated in the rules that if lentils are last, then mushrooms have to be 3rd, and that is one of the options. please help!

Mehran on July 19, 2018

Hi Like the student above you on this thread, you are committing an incorrect reversal of the rule. The rule you are given says that if mushrooms are added third, then lentils are added sixth (last). M(3) ==> L(6)

You, however, are assuming that if lentils are added sixth (last), this tells you something about when mushrooms are added. This is flawed reasoning. Just because we know what happens when mushrooms are added third (lentils will be added last) does not mean we know anything about what happens if lentils are added sixth (last). Put another way, lentils being added sixth (last) is not *sufficient* to tell you anything about when mushrooms are added.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any additional questions.