The passage most strongly implies which one of the following?

nishkrish on January 17, 2018


Why is B the right answer?

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Alex on May 10, 2018

I was undecided between B or D. I think B was more associated with the main point of the article rather than D which was a side note associated with the main point. That's what I was thinking. Please feel free to correct me if I'm not. Thank you.

Anita on May 10, 2018

Let's go through the answers.

A: This is not implied in the article. It seems very likely that people will link to their own posted materials, although it is never addressed. (Remember that even that you know that in real life, just work with the world we're given.)

B: This is implied. The analogy between a distributor of IP normally versus web hosts uses the person with control of the webpage as the distributor in the analogy. See lines 37 - 40.

C: This does not seem to be implied, and in fact, the author tells us that people can exercise privacy by adding passwords and other tools.

D: The document doesn't tell us who has control over who reads documents on the web, only that there are at least some steps one can take to limit the distribution.

E: This is almost definitely not true, based on the passage. The passed is talking about IP on the web and does not tell us at any point that we need to print anything for the laws to stand.