Which one of the following could be true?

rayfrag on February 8, 2018


How can quesadillas be the special on Saturday if they have to precede gazpacho? The question ends the week on Saturday so if quesadillas are the special on Saturday, there is no room for gazpacho...thanks!

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Mehran on February 8, 2018

You are overlooking the possibility that quesadillas are the special that appears twice. In that scenario, quesadillas could be the special on Saturday:

Monday: Q
Tuesday: G
Wednesday: N/L
Thursday: P
Friday: L/N
Saturday: Q

Hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Sidra on August 28, 2019

But if G is to come after Q then how can Q be the special on Saturday?

Victoria on August 28, 2019

Hi @Sidra

As Mehran pointed out above, there is the possibility for quesadillas to be offered as the special twice in the week. We also know that "the gazpacho and the nacho specials are each offered exactly once." It is important to note that the conditions do not state that quesadillas must always precede gazpacho. Instead, we know that "quesadillas are the special the day before the gazpacho special is offered."

If quesadillas are the special twice and gazpacho can only be the special once, it is entirely possible that quesadillas could be the special on Saturday as we can see in Mehran's scenario above.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any further questions.