Wealth is not a good thing, for good things cause no harm at all, yet wealth is often harmful to people.Which one of ...

Steven on February 10, 2018


Could you please explain why answer choice D is incorrect?

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Richmond on June 10, 2018

I have the same question. There seems to be quantifier language in the stimulus and choice D ("often" and "most", respectively). But there is not quantifier language in choice A. How is (A) correct over (D)?

Christopher on June 11, 2018

@erojas @Richmond

The trick here is not specific language clues but actual logical structure.

Wealth is often Harmful to people. W ==> H

A Good Thing can cause no Harm. GT ==> not H or H ==> not GT

Conclusion Wealth is not a Good Thing. W ==> H ==> not GT

With (A), you have a similar track.

Alex Like Golf A ==> LG

No-one in Chess Club Likes Golf. CC ==> not LG or LG ==> not CC

Alex is not in Chess Club. A ==> LG ==> not CC

(C) follows different logic and isn't sound. To say that the dog is not a dachshund because he hunts well and most dachshunds are bad hunters misses the fact that Sarah's dog could be the one in a million dachshunds that's a good hunter.

Michelle on September 9 at 04:59AM

But doesn't the word often indicate that wealth can sometimes be not harmful? Which is why I chose d as well...