Which one of the following statements most accurately characterizes a difference between the two passages?

SamClark79 on February 20, 2018

Flash Cards - Identify the Question Type

With the ID the Question Type Flash Cards, what should be my ultimate goal. So far I'm 10/10 in getting them wrong, because I can't figure out the question type. Is this something I should have down 100% before I move on, or is this something that I can constantly work on through out? Furthermore, is memorizing the type of question stem types imperative to success? (I'm assuming it is, but just wanted clarification.) Thanks for the help!

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madelinealbrit1 on June 8, 2018

I have been working on them throughout. The program introduces each type more in depth later on.

Christopher on June 10, 2018

@SamClark, keep moving but keep working on the Flash Cards. They'll help you solidify your knowledge, but don't hold up your progress until you've got them perfect.