Chemical fertilizers not only create potential health hazards, they also destroy earthworms, which are highly benefic...

John on February 24, 2018

E is the “bomb”

Is choice E the subsidiary conclusion? Otherwise it restates What I believe to be the main point.

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Mehran on February 28, 2018

@johndan1234 there are two different conclusions in this stimulus so let's take a look at both:

(1) " . . . the use of chemical fertilizers should be avoided."

(2) " . . . thus making a garden rich in earthworms much more fertile than a garden without them."

(E) restates (2) here and you are correct that (E) is the subsidiary conclusion as opposed to the main point.

Notice (2) supports (1) when combined with the initial premise that chemical fertilizers destroy earthworms.

The conclusion that supports is subsidiary so (E) would be eliminated.

Hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

John on March 7, 2018

Thank you, Mehran!

I truly commend you! You have put together an excellent product to aid people like myself, who have trouble grasping the fundamentals of the LSAT. Job well done! Really!

However, I have noticed that inside analytics only the first 4 questions in each section of the logical reasoning have an explanation video. Is this by design or are all of the questions suppose to have video explanations?