Modern science is built on the process of posing hypotheses and testing them against observations—in essence, attempt...

AnanyaK on March 6, 2018

Ambiguity in choice B

I got this question right but did so by process of elimination. Although "nothing brings more recognition . . ." states that overthrowing conventional wisdom is the most efficient way to get recognition, how can we say that MOST scientists have substantial motive? What if only a few scientists want to be recognized (unrealistic I know but I thought we weren't supposed to assume anything). I think "some scientists have substantial motive" would have been more appropriate. Are we allowed to make a connection from the premises to "most scientist" even though it doesn't explicitly say that most scientists want recognition? Or am I just being too picky?

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Mehran on March 12, 2018

@AnanyaK did you watch the video explanation for this question?

You can access it by tapping the play icon in the top right hand corner of the screen when viewing the question inside of LSATMax.