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Esther on March 13, 2018

Question 3

Why is it that C is not the correct answer since the rule says that if Lentils are added last then mushrooms must be third?

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Mehran on March 14, 2018

That would be incorrect because L being last is your necessary condition.

M3 ==> L6
not L6 ==> not M3


The existence of the necessary condition tells you nothing.

Hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Zach on June 15 at 12:31AM

LO must precede N, however, and it appears in the case of the second "LO" option on option C there would be no room for N.

Jack on September 9 at 09:23PM

Im not sure if were referring to the same problem but I think we are (16m:12s of the video).

I had this same question but I realize now why we can eliminate it answer choice C to question 7 on the first set of walkthrough problems. When placing G in the fourth position in the hypothetical, P can either go to 1 or 7, IF it goes to 7, then we can apply the first and second rule to know that LO cannot go 56, but its important to consider that P can also go to 1, which would not completely determine where O would go, we would be left with position 3 and position 6 as possibilities, which is why answer choice C does not sufficiently restrict/determine O