Which one of the following statements most accurately characterizes a difference between the two passages?

George on March 16, 2018


I saw that Bizarro was mentioned in the video (not verbally) once or twice. Will that be covered later on? Unless I overhear ed it, it was not covered in the video.

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George on March 16, 2018

I answered my own question. So, Bizarro just turns the question around pretty much. If anyone else has the same question, it will clear up once you go through the flash cards.

Jaclyn on April 6, 2018

Hello!! The flash card keep saying the same thing. Where did I miss the argument structure.

on February 17, 2022

Yes, I had the same question.

Rabia on March 8, 2022

I had the same question as well. Where does it show up exactly in the video? I took notes but I totally missed what this is...?

Emil on March 25, 2022

Hi @robby828, bizzaro questions are ones that ask "all of the following do x except" rather than "which of the following does x." There is a lesson on them, as well as office hours.