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annieengler on March 17, 2018

Conclusion vs Premises

Hello. I have watched this video as well as the Intro to Logic video many times, but I am still having a hard time figuring out what the conclusion is. The conclusion doesn't always have special words to introduce them, so I was wondering how I get better at finding both the conclusion and premise. I feel helpless!

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jseli006 on March 26, 2018

Hi, I have the same issue. Always have issues trying to find the premise and conclusion are hard for me.

Mehran on March 28, 2018

Practice makes perfect! Ask yourself, what (if any) is the point the author is trying to convey?

Why was the passage written?

You are correct that there won't always be a keyword indicator so another helpful trick is to ask yourself if the sentence you think is the conclusion supports another sentence in the stimulus.

If it does support another sentence, it cannot be the main conclusion.

Hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

wilburke013 on February 24, 2020

^ That reply makes a ton of sense. I was struggling with the same thing. I'm trying to "figure out" the question as a test question, and looking for ways to hack it, rather than understand what the argument is trying to say.

Looking for the standalone point that requires support is a great reminder going forward.