If Mitchell appears first, then which one of the following must be true?

YHD on March 18, 2018

Between answer choice A and C

I understand how J will be forced to be the 6th when M comes as first, and I also got the same answer. But can't G being the 5th also be the answer? Rule 4 M coming before P would force G to come after H (M > P -> H > G) Rule 1 H comes after L and M + M being first would make M > L Rule 2 There is no relations known between L and P There is no relations known between H and J -------------------------------------------------- Making the Bigger Sequence Chain to look like: L H M > P > J > G But since Rule 4 tells us G cannot be 6th, it will then become L M > P > H > G > J Forcing G to be 5th. -------------------------------------------------------- I know I made a different approach than the video explanation, and I might be wrong somewhere. But please help to me choose between 2 answer choices with certainty please.

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YHD on March 18, 2018

It also be:

M > L > H > G > P > J

but how could I effectively form this hypo in the exam?
are there any tips to seeing it without having to draw an extra hypo or do I have to just try it and cross it out?