Market analyst: According to my research, 59 percent of consumers anticipate paying off their credit card balances i...

Rachel on March 20, 2018


Could you please explain all the of the answer options? Thanks!

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Trevor on May 3, 2018

I need help on this as well!

Keerthi on August 30, 2018

Has there been an answer posted for this question?

Max on August 31, 2018

@tirz63 here is a shorthand breakdown of this argument:

PR 1: Consumers only care about credit cards for their convenience (i.e. NOT for delaying payments)
PR 2: Credit card companies focus on what consumers care about

Given the above, we can expect the conclusion to say EITHER:

1) Credit card companies focus on making cards more convenient
2) Credit card companies do NOT focus on aspects related to delayed payments (i.e. interest rates)

Let's look at the answer choices:

(A) is incorrect because consumers clearly would care about a credit card company that makes their experience more convenient

(B) is CORRECT because it matches our 2nd predicted conclusion

(C) is incorrect because the passage never states anything about borrowing money from banks

(D) is incorrect because the passage states most consumers want to pay off their credit cards BEFORE interest rates accrue, Shortening the period to pay your balance would make that goal harder to achieve

(E) While being accepted at more places certainly benefits consumers and is something they would care about, we don't have enough information in the passage to conclude that it would lead to "the MOST intense competition among credit card companies." The word "most" makes this choice too strongly worded.

I hope this helps!