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on March 22, 2018

Argument Completion Cards Confusing Question

Hi, For the argument completion drill: P: C--->Not D P: ? C: not D-some-X I first translated the conclusion to X--->Not D So we have C---->Not D and to get to the conclusion, I would think we'd need X---->C So that would be X--->C--->not D so by the transitive property, X---->Not D Why is the answer C----->X? Thank You

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Mehran on March 23, 2018

You cannot transform not D-some-X to X ==> not D.

This is incorrect.

Please rewatch our video lesson on Quantifiers to ensure that you are following the correct rules.

Annet on January 23 at 06:12PM

Can someone please fully explain this problem. Because I originally put down the answer for the missing premise as C-some-X