Although all birds have feathers and all birds have wings, some birds do not fly. For example, penguins and ostriches...

hallerae on March 30, 2018


Can you please explain the answer to this question. Thank you.

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Ashley-Tien on June 29, 2018

I feel like this problem would benefit from a video; could someone diagram the stimulus and answer choice B?

Anita on June 30, 2018

@hallerae @Ashley-Tien What we can distill the prompt down to is that of a certain category of things, despite their uniform properties, they may be used for different reasons. We see that in the prompt with bird wings: All birds have feathers and wings, but they may use them for different reasons.

In answer choice B, we see something similar: That all chairs have a seat and support like legs, but not all chairs are used for sitting.

Does that help?