The Volunteers for Literacy Program would benefit if Dolores takes Victor's place as director, since Dolores is far m...

hallerae on March 30, 2018


Each of these answer choices seem very similar, can you please explain why B-E are incorrect?

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Mehran on March 31, 2018

@hallerae the key for these questions is understanding the structure of the stimulus before proceeding to the answer choices.

Here is the abstract method of reasoning you are encountering in the stimulus:

C would benefit if A replaced B because of (1) and (2).

The key here is understanding that we are being given two distinct reasons why A is superior to B.

Notice that this is exactly what you see in (A):

It would be more convenient for Dominique to take a (A) bus to school than to take the (B) subway because (1) bus stops closer to her house and (2) bus goes directly to school.

As such, (A) is the correct answer.

Notice you do not see the same structure in (B)-(E):

(B): Only one reason, i.e. bus is less expensive than airplane.

(C): Only one reason, i.e. traffic is exceptionally heavy on Friday evenings near the concert hall.

(D): Only one reason, i.e. the financial considerations of driving versus taking the train.

(E): Only one reason, i.e. arriving first.

Hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

hallerae on March 31, 2018

This was very helpful, thank you!