Sociologist: Some economists hold that unregulated markets should accompany democratic sovereignty because they let ...

rileygina21 on April 12, 2018

Major Difference

Hello, I understand why E is correct but why is B incorrect? Gina

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Mehran on April 15, 2018

Hi @Gina, thanks for your post! The real issue with answer choice (B) is the word "incompatible." That's too strong for the stimulus here. Yes, there is a "crucial distinction" between the private consumer and public citizen, but we do not know that unregulated markets are always incompatible with democratic sovereignty. Note the phrasing of the conclusion given in the stimulus - "Hence, supports of political democracy can also support marketplace regulation." Answer choice (E) is a correct restatement of this conclusion.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

rileygina21 on April 17, 2018

Thanks for the clarification!