A survey of a city's concertgoers found that almost all of them were dissatisfied with the local concert hall. A larg...

rmkrutz@crimson.ua.edu on April 25, 2018

Need explanation

I originally thought the answer was B because people that live near the concert hall wouldn't want the annoying construction to take place but I understand why D makes sense too. Could you please explain how to know it's D and not B?

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Anita on April 26, 2018

Yes, B talks about the people who live close to the concert hall, but the prompt doesn't address them. To tie them in, it would have to be something along the lines of "the city concert goers defer to the opinions of those who live close to the hall, who don't want it torn down," or something else that ties in the rest of the concert goers. D works because it suggests that they get to keep the hall while still getting a better concert venue.

kaiplanet on October 21, 2021

Why wouldn't the local concert hall depict the concertgoers as living in the vicinity of the hall?

Ravi on February 5, 2022

@kaiplanet, the issue with B is that the survey was just about concertgoers; it doesn't matter what the people who live nearby think, so we can get rid of this choice.