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HSM on April 27, 2018

Question 14 on Linear Games

The fourth rule states J on W or S, or both. But, he also may drive on other days. So, how would be to conclude C is incorrect on number 14?

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Corin-Voinche on November 18, 2018

Has anyone figured this out? I caught that as well. Is that supposed to be ignored?

Ravi on December 21, 2018

@HSM and @Corin-Voinche,

You're right, J can be on other days. However, rule 4 states that on any game board, J must be in W, S, or both.

In answer C, J is in Thursday's position, which is the fourth spot. However, J does not appear in either Wednesday or Saturday, so we can eliminate this answer. Remember, no matter where else J is, we have to see a J in Wednesday or Saturday or both. And, since we only see a J in Thursday, we can get rid of this answer.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!