Science writer: All scientists have beliefs and values that might slant their interpretations of the data from which ...

tlrz63 on May 3, 2018


Could you explain this question for me? I picked A instead of B

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Anita on May 6, 2018


A tells us the author assumes that not all scientists have biases, but the author tells us up front that they all do.

B, however, tells us the author assumes that not all scientists have the same biases. This must be true for the author's logic to stand. The only way to edit out all bias from the reports/studies would be if at least some reviewers don't hold the same biases.

Does this help?

meisen on May 24, 2018

Why is E wrong?

Anita on May 24, 2018

@meisen E is incorrect because we're looking for an assumption the author makes. E is essentially the whole premise: that biases are removed by unbiased reviewers. However, the author isn't assuming that; they're saying that due to that, bias is therefore removed in papers. It also says that this is the ONLY way to remove bias, which we don't know if the author assumes. Perhaps they also believe there are other ways to remove bias that aren't addressed here.