The mayor was not telling the truth when he said that the bridge renovation did not waste taxpayers' money. The very ... on May 5, 2018

Please Explain

It seems to me like answer choice A is stating the flaw backwards so I was wondering if you could explain answer choice A so I can see where I'm wrong in my interpretation of it?

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Anita on May 6, 2018

The Southern Tier Project, we are told, was egregiously wasteful. The bridge was a part of this project. The mayor, however, says the bridge renovation was not wasteful. The speaker tells us the mayor is then wrong. The problem is that the bridge itself could have been entirely on budget, but it was some other part of the STP that was the waste of money. This is what answer A tells us - that the part (the bridge renovation) had a quality because the whole (STP) had it.