Passage B differs from passage A in that passage B is more

on May 6, 2018

Please explain

Please explain each answer choice and why it is correct or incorrect.

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Mehran on May 7, 2018

Hi @a42, thanks for your post.

Question 6 asks you to identify the way that Passage B differs from Passage A.
(A) is incorrect because there is no textual support for classifying Passage B as "optimistic regarding the ability of science to answer certain fundamental questions."

(B) is correct because the author of Passage B is clearly "disapproving of the approach taken by others writing on the same general topic." See lines 53-56, and also lines 60-65 (identifying logical flaws in the writing of "the others" and identifying certain assumptions on which that writing relies). By contrast, Passage A does not indicate any disapproval of any viewpoint; rather, it is a descriptive passage that proceeds by examples and does not delve into competing theories.

(C) is incorrect because, as noted above, the author of Passage B is critical of others, rather than "open-minded" as to "apparently conflicting positions."

(D) is incorrect, but tricky. It does appear that the author of Passage B might be "supportive of ongoing research" (see lines 58-60), but the key here is that there is nothing to make us think that Passage B "is more supportive" in this regard than Passage A (don't lose sight of the question stem).

(E) is incorrect because the author of Passage B is not "circumspect" - she takes a strong position (see last paragraph of Passage B).

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any additional questions.