Businessperson: Because the parking area directly in front of the building was closed for maintenance today, I was la...

Rachel on May 8, 2018

Please Explain

Why is the answer C and not B?

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Christopher on May 12, 2018 This question is asking you to evaluate the argument that this businessperson was late because of the parking area being closed. The person continues that it took 15 minutes to find available parking, which cause their tardy arrival. To evaluate the validity of the argument, you're looking for information that will be MOST useful.

(B) gives you a little bit of a nudge in the right direction in that you can identify the trend of several people being late due to parking. But for the businessperson to blame their tardiness on the closure of the parking area assumes that there would be available parking in that area if it had been open. Thus, knowing the parking patterns around the building when that area is open (C) would help you evaluate the businessperson's argument.