The passage suggests that Taruskin's position commits him to which one of the following views?

Rachel on May 8, 2018

Please Explain

Can you please explain why C is the answer?


Christopher on May 12, 2018 The key lines are from 24-30. The author is talking about Taruskin's preference to analyze art in terms of how that art expressed and mirrored the ideals and way of life of the social and political elite, and points out that "for this kind of analysis to work" and lists two points. The second is that "it must also be the case that we can eliminate the possibility that artists subverted the ideals of the patron for their own reasons." In other words, for Taruskin's approach to art to work, there has to be a way that art that appears to undermine the ruling elite's ideals must actually support those ideals in some way, which is what (C) says.

Daniel on February 4, 2020

Can you please explain why D is incorrect? Doesn't it also summarize the position stated in the firs paragraph that high art is made by and for the political elite? Thanks

on May 16, 2020

Could someone follow up on Daniel's question? The quote says:
"It is produced by and for political and social elites." Would this support the argument that social elites also produced art?

Filippo on June 17, 2020

Please explain why D is wrong!!