Columnist: A government-owned water utility has received approval to collect an additional charge on water bills and ...

nishkrish on May 9, 2018


Can you explain why the answer is E? I chose A

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Anita on May 9, 2018

Answer A tells us that a principle that would justify saying the proposal is unacceptable would be that water utility users have a right to know how their money is being used. It doesn't seem that the legislator is hiding their idea for how to use the money, so the issue at hand isn't about whether the money usage is hidden from the public. They very well could know all about it.

E, on the other hand, proposes that water bills should only go to water-related expenditures. If that were true, then yes, this proposal would be absolutely unacceptable. Roads are unrelated to water, so the bill would not pass muster.