In saying that domestic fiction was based on a conception of fiction as part of a "continuum" (line 30), the author m...

Christina on May 9, 2018

Can you explain?

Can you explain why the right answer wouldn't be A for this one? Thanks!


Cynthia on September 10, 2018

I don't get why B is correct, please help to explain this question, thanks

Max on September 14, 2018

@csmengineer @cynthia-lee (A) is a tempting answer here because it gives our most familiar definition of the word "continuum." However, if you look at the line after the line they quote, it helps put "continuum" in context: "...multipurpose book to be indistinguishably a novel, a child-rearing manual, and a tract on Christian duty."

This sentence provides more evidence for (B), as we can see here fiction being included IN THE SAME BOOK as other categories of writing. I usually recommend reading the line before and after the line the question provides you, to help make sure you're remembering the quote in the proper context. I hope that helps!