Based on the passage, the relationship between strengthening current copyright laws and relying on passwords to restr...

Alex on May 10, 2018


Hi can I get an explanation for how the relationship is between strengthening copyright laws and using passwords to access certain documents? I'm not sure how it is like prohibiting sport and relying its participants on safety gear? Thank you

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Anita on May 10, 2018

@Alex the best way to start this one is to break down what the two parts do.

Strengthening the laws: This would limit access heavily, perhaps completely eliminating access and redoing the web as we know it.

Requiring passwords: This somewhat limits access for certain pages to certain people.

Now we're ready to look at the answers.

A: Allowing everyone use of a public facility is what we have now and the opposite of strengthening the laws, so let's skip it.

B: The first part may make some sense, but outlawing its sale is not analogous to passwords, which would be more like requiring a prescription.

C: This is closest so far. Strengthening the laws would be like outlawing it, and requiring passwords is similar to requiring the right equipment and tools.

D: Neither one of these fits. Requiring passwords, especially, is not like enforcing a law.

E: This one makes the same mistake as A, starting with where we are now, instead of what strengthening the laws would do.

So, we can conclude that C was correct.