Most large nurseries sell raspberry plants primarily to commercial raspberry growers and sell only plants that are gu...

a42 on May 13, 2018

Please diagram.

Please diagram - I am not sure why C is incorrect.

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Anita on May 15, 2018

This one may be easier to do without diagramming, so let's try it that way.

We're told that most large nurseries: a) sell raspberry plants to commercial raspberry growers and b) guarantee them to be disease-free.

We then are told Johnson got a shipment of diseased raspberry plants from Wally's.

So, we need to figure out what happened here. This means it's likely that one of the first things mentioned in the premise isn't true in this case: either this isn't a large nursery, or the plants didn't live up to their guarantee. It could be either. Wally's may be a small or medium nursery, so the guarantee may be irrelevant. Or, they are a large nursery, and the plants failed in their guarantee. We're looking for an answer up that line.

A says that if J is a commercial raspberry grower (CRG) and W is NOT a large nursery (LN), then the shipment was guaranteed to be disease-free. But, see above, we don't know anything about what nurseries that aren't large do, so this is not supported.

B says that if the plants are not as they're guaranteed, then J is not a CRG. But we're told in the prompt that most LN sell only guaranteed plants, and that clause is irrespective of the other that they sell to CRG, so this is not supported.

C says that if J is not a CRG, then W is not a LN. This is not supported, and are disconnected thoughts. Even if J is not a CRG, W may or may not be a LN.

D says that if W sells raspberry plants to CRGs then it's not a well-run LN. But we're told that most LN do sell raspberry plants to CRGs, and we don't know whether that's connected to them being well-run or not.

E says that if W is a LN, then the RP that J got are probably not as guaranteed. This is what we're looking for. We know that if W is a LN, then they guarantee disease-free plants, but the plants were diseased, so they would have not been as guaranteed.

JLWAKEFIELD on November 4, 2019

How is it possible that the sold diseased plants if the stimulus says they sell ONLY disease free plants?