Philosopher: It has been argued that because particular moral codes differ between cultures, morality must be entirel...

joshuavt on May 13, 2018

Explanation for Answer C

Could you please explain why C is the correct answer choice? (I chose A)

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Anita on May 15, 2018

Moral attitudes, such as disapproval of unfairness, here are similar to tastes, such as sweetness. Both are universal bases on which a variety of codes or cuisines can be created.

A can be tempting because we fill in the gap that different cultures have different contexts. However, we're here not looking at the context that arises in the cultures. We're trying to find the parallels for the analogy.

So, C is the correct answer, because it takes the analogy of tastes : cuisines to attitudes : codes.

joshuavt on May 15, 2018

Can I ask a question about the missing premise drills? I always seem to be getting the right variables (x or y or z, etc) in the right place in the missing premise but I never seem to be getting the signs on the variables correct (not C vs. C). Can I get some help on the principles behind arriving at the correct variable and sign for these drills?