Which one of the following could be a complete and accurate list of the members of the crew?

hannah93092 on May 15, 2018

Confused about Order

Hi there - I'm confused about how "the crew completes five tasks in this order:" translates to answering the first question. I understand how we determined that (B) includes all of the possible tasks - but are they not meant to be in order, as well? Thanks in advance!

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Mehran on May 21, 2018

Hi @hannah93092, thanks for your post. The tasks are in order, yes. The order of the tasks forms the "base" of the set up for this game, because you are told what that order is. The tasks will proceed from start (framing) to finish (priming).

Answer choice (B) lists one correct hypothetical list of all crew members needed to complete those tasks in that order.

Hope this helps to clarify. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

hannah93092 on May 21, 2018

Ok, it made more sense further along into the questions. Thanks very much!