Riverdale's Modern Party Chairperson: Maples, the Modern Party candidate, would be a better mayor than his opponent, ...

Steven on May 16, 2018


Could I get some help with the explanation for this problem? I'm trying to understand how the speaker becomes involved? Thanks!

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Christopher on May 16, 2018

As the chairperson of the Modern Party, the speaker is a member of the Modern Party. By saying that EVERY member of the Modern Party is a better candidate than Tannett means that he must be including himself in that statement.

Anita on May 16, 2018

@christopher That's correct. @Henleys, the Modern Party Chairperson is a member of the party, and all members of their party are more qualified than any member of the Traditionalist Party, including Tannett, so MPC is more qualified than Tannett.