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on May 16, 2018


I did not understand why Greg joined the law firm in '64 cannot be true? I know that G has N & J to the left. Why would H & K also be included

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Christopher on May 17, 2018

Please correct me if I'm mistaken but, establishing a larger sequencing chain from the base deductions as shown in the video, places Hodges and King in front of Gregg.

Because Nader and James both joined before Gregg (note 3) and Hodges and King joined before Nader and James (notes 1 and 2). It can be deduced that Gregg joined after Hodges, King, Nader, and James.

The important take away regarding Gregg joining the firm in 1964 as a "Cannot be True" is that regardless of what sequence the four individuals (H,K,N,J) the four of them preceding Gregg removes the possibility of Gregg having joining the firm in 1964.

Ryan on May 30, 2018

H & K have to be before N and J respectively - on your little chart that you draw, anything that gets included in your thought process must also include any rule it is attached to in the "direction" you are thinking, so like, don't worry about M and O, because those aren't in the direction you are thinking but H&K are.

The guy above me is also completely right, i just wanted to say it in a different way, in case you learn different.