Almost all advances in genetic research give rise to ethical dilemmas. Government is the exclusive source of funding ...

G14 on May 20, 2018


Why is C wrong?

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Mehran on May 20, 2018

Hi @G14, thanks for your post.

In this question, you are presented with a series of statements about genetic research (its funding sources and ethical consequences). You are then given a Must Be True question, meaning that the correct answer must be textually-supported by the information in the stimulus.

Answer choice (D) must be true, because you are told that *all* genetic research is funded by either the government or corporations (see the last sentence of the stimulus).

Answer choice (C) is not textually supported by the stimulus, because we have no idea that corporate funding leads to advances in genetic research. Put another way, just because corporations provide some of the funding for genetic research does not mean that that funding leads to advances.

Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

SROTD702 on December 10, 2018

Do we diagram this question?

Ravi on December 12, 2018

@SROTD702 Whether or not to diagram this question depends on how comfortable you are with sorting the premises in your head. Ideally, for this Must Be True question, you would not need to diagram it in order to arrive at the correct answer in a timely fashion. If you're having trouble with these questions, it would be good to review the Must Be True video lesson and also drill these problem types to develop greater familiarity with them.