In a vast ocean region, phosphorus levels have doubled in the past few decades due to agricultural runoff pouring out...

hannah93092 on May 24, 2018


I chose the correct answer, but had a difficult time ruling out (E). Could someone please explain how to eliminate (E)? Thanks!

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Mehran on May 24, 2018

Hi @hannah93092, thanks for your post.

This stimulus presents a set of facts that are specific to a particular place ("a large river nearby" has polluted "a vast ocean region" in which "few fish can survive"). Answer choice (E) can be eliminated because it is too general - "in a body of water in general" is not textually supported. All we know anything about is what is happening in this specific ocean region in particular.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

hannah93092 on May 24, 2018

Great - thanks!