Each of the following conforms to the kinds of educational results that the author would expect from the course of ac...

on May 24, 2018


Why is B wrong and A right?

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Mehran on May 24, 2018

Hi @meisen, thanks for your post. In this passage, the author identifies a number of "educational results" that would stem from incorporating statutory law into standard law school curricula.

This is an EXCEPT question. Four of the answer choices - the incorrect choices - are textually supported. The one right answer is NOT textually supported.

The textual support for the incorrect answer choices can be found:
(B) - lines 30-37
(C) - lines 1-5
(D) - lines 40-55
(E) - lines 22-25

Hope this helps.

Ava on October 25 at 02:07AM

I'm having trouble with the trouble textual evidence provided for answer choice E. Lines 22-25 are so broad. They mention "meanings" but nothing about "wording."