Each of the following conforms to the kinds of educational results that the author would expect from the course of ac...

on May 24, 2018


Why is B wrong and A right?


Mehran on May 24, 2018

Hi @meisen, thanks for your post. In this passage, the author identifies a number of "educational results" that would stem from incorporating statutory law into standard law school curricula.

This is an EXCEPT question. Four of the answer choices - the incorrect choices - are textually supported. The one right answer is NOT textually supported.

The textual support for the incorrect answer choices can be found:
(B) - lines 30-37
(C) - lines 1-5
(D) - lines 40-55
(E) - lines 22-25

Hope this helps.

Ava on October 25, 2019

I'm having trouble with the trouble textual evidence provided for answer choice E. Lines 22-25 are so broad. They mention "meanings" but nothing about "wording."

Alison on July 20, 2020

How do you suggest we approach questions like this? All of the wrong answers have textual backing... but are we supposed to have memorized that? How do you suggest we tackle these questions? I've noticed that as much as I try to focus on what I am reading, wording is convoluted or confusing, so I focus on understanding the main point. Then, I get to a question like this and I have to go back and try to find examples... it wastes time. I am hoping you can help give strategy for this.