Treat training consists of rewarding dogs with edible treats whenever they respond appropriately to commands. Most do...

Karineh on May 26, 2018

Please help

Can someone explain every answer to the question. whether wrong or right

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Anita on May 28, 2018

@Karineh Let's break this down. The prompt tells us that we should only use praise and verbal correction to train our dogs because we can't always have treats, and without treats, dogs may not respond to commands. We're looking for a principle that helps support the argument.

A - This is about the owner's response to how quickly to train a dog, not about not using treats.

B - This would actually hurt the argument, saying that the dog is likely to respond even without the stimulus.

C - This would also potentially hurt, since we know that the treats create high obedience in at least some circumstances.

D - This helps! If an owner is supposed to be able to always provide the same response and they can't always have treats, they shouldn't use treats.

E - We know that treats have been effective, so this is irrelevant.