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Deke on May 30, 2018

In intro sequencing game

On the ABCSEFG & 1-7 game, i see rule 1 &3 both put different letters before e. My assumption then becomes E is also not a possibility on #2 - but Naz doesnt mention this by minute 11, and its distracting me. Am i making some kind of error, or have i missed read something? -Deke

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Deke on May 30, 2018

Minute 7 sorry

Deke on May 30, 2018

And abced chain - are you not plugging them into the list of stuff you can and cant put at each position because its a waste of time?

Deke on May 30, 2018

Same thing by minute 25, i feel like if i count the number of "direct down or up line" in the sequencing chain i can eliminate some stuff on the middle, for example ivan MUST have 5 people before him so he can't be in spot 1-5? Right? Am i overthinking this? And if so why?

Deke on May 30, 2018

So in question 15, i just shift my 61 column to 63, shove everything else one right and solve.

Deke on May 30, 2018

Err, everything that was based on the low numbers moves right 2

Christopher on June 3, 2018

@Deke, I think I understand what you're getting at, but I'm not 100%, so feel free to respond if I've missed what you're asking.

You're right in your first comment that the information pushes E down further. In fact, since A & B come before C and C comes before E, you can push E all the way down to 5. According to the rules, E must have A, B, C, and F before it. It's worth putting them in because it will help answer questions as to what is and is not possible later on.

As for the partners question, you're right, "I" cannot be in 61-65 because he has H, N, K, J, and G ahead of him.

On question 15, you should be able to shift the columns to the right, but that's probably more work than it's worth. What I did on questions like this was once I had the established rules written out, then I'd write out new hypotheticals below them. So knowing that K must be before J, and 61 can only be H or K, putting J in 1962 means 61 is K. It also means that you need H and N before you see G, O, or I, so given that information, look through the questions to see if any place G, O, or I earlier than 1964.

I hope that helps, and sorry for the delay.

Deke on June 3, 2018

No worries, thanks, yah that makes sense, i was worried my instructor alert wasn't working, but i think it just doesn't work if i submit multiple lines in a short time.