Which one of the following is most strongly supported by the passage?

on May 30, 2018


Why is C wrong

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Anita on June 16, 2018

@meisen We don't have enough information from the passage to determine what MOST historians did at the time. We just know there was a mainstream US historian tendency for this kind of nationalism. We can't go so far as to extrapolate that this was most historians at the period.

Mazen on November 19, 2020

mainstream means prevailing, hence "most."

Mcihelle on December 15, 2020

need a better explanation of why C is wrong please

on December 19, 2020


Yvonne on May 26, 2021

C seems more directly supported than A

Nishant on June 10, 2021

The passage refers to American historians, while answer choice C talks about historians from any country, and how they portray their own countries