Which one of the following is given by the passage as a reason for the difficulty a lawyer would have in determining ...

AndrewDavis on June 4, 2018

Question 2

The A, C and D explanations I am not grasping after watching the video multiple times. You seem to be explaining aspects of the stimulus which don't seem to follow in the answer choices.

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Christopher on June 6, 2018


You're dealing with a "Cannot Be True" question, so your analysis of each option is going to center on whether there's any possibility that the statement given in the answer could possibly be true. You have to take all of the stimulus in the question into account, not just the information in the answer.

For example, with (A) it addresses the first issue brought up about Lutz's campaign fund. If he has a large campaign fund, the McConnell will not run. So (A) poses the hypothetical that Lutz does not have a large campaign fund, yet McConnell still declines to run. This IS possible, since the question also says that even if Lutz has a small campaign fund, if Lutz has a clean record, McConnell will not run. That means (A) could be true and is not the right answer.

With (C) the second part of the question suggests that if Lutz has a scandalous past, McConnell will run. However, that does not eliminate the possibility that McConnell chooses not to run because Lutz has a large campaign fund, as is mentioned in the first part of the question.

With (D) the video basically walks all the way through the logic from the beginning again to conclude that (D) is the right answer and the only one that cannot possibly be true.

Remember, you must take all of the information in the question into account when evaluating the answers.

Does that help?