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Indy5 on June 4, 2018

Investor Question 4

I don't understand how the answer can be C) Jones and Moss. If Halls is in day 2 wouldn't Jones be in day 1, leaving the answer to be B) Jones? In the video why do you not put Jones in day 1 in accordance with the rule?

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Christopher on June 6, 2018

@Indy5 The rules in each question do not stack. The hypothetical in question 2 is based on the addition of "if Jones views the site on day 1" phrase. Since if Jones goes on day 1, Hall must be day 2 is an established rule, Hall is in position 2. That is handy when we get to question 4 because it asks for another hypothetical based on the addition of "if Hall views the site on day 2." We have the hypothetical from question 2 to start with, which helps us conclude that Moss is necessary. However, just because J1 ==> H2 does not mean H2 ==> J1, and the "Jones is day 1" hypothetical only applies to question 2. Therefore, Jones can be elsewhere, even though Hall is in 2.

Does that clear it up?

Indy5 on June 7, 2018

Yes thank you. I think I just assumed that H2 ==> J1, which messed up my diagram.