Damming the Merv River would provide irrigation for the dry land in its upstream areas; unfortunately, a dam would re...

Richmond on June 9, 2018

Please Explain

Can you please explain A & C?

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Anita on June 9, 2018

@Richmond The prompt tells us that a positive change in one thing will be offset by a negative change elsewhere that makes a greater negative impact than positive impact, which means that this initial positive change would not create a better situation overall. That's what we're looking to emulate.

A tells us that over doing one positive thing (reducing bacteria by over cooking) is offset by a different issue (taste), but the offset isn't great enough to warrant NOT doing the initial positive change, so the initial positive change is better to do. This is rather the opposite result of the prompt.

C tells us that a positive change (new highway) would be completely offset by a negative effect (more city traffic) and is therefore not beneficial overall. This is very similar to the initial prompt, which makes C the best answer.