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Ryan on June 12, 2018

GHLOPSN question #7

When eliminating answer choice C in the video, the instructor fails to account for the n must be after[...]the LO box rule, which would leave only one place for the LO box, eg. One place to put O. What have i missed?


Ryan on June 12, 2018

You could move the LO box to position one to eliminate C - so i get the correct answer, i just feel like the instruction missed pointing to this rule in the explanation. longer really a question, unless i have missed something.

Christopher on June 15, 2018

@Deke, if you put P 7th, then LO must be be in positions 2 and 3, which would answer it. However, by placing G in slot 4, P could also be in slot 1. If P is in slot one, then you have the same scenario as (A), where LO can be in 2/3 or 5/6. He writes it out with P in 7 because it is one of the possible places for it, but you're right that that does not take the news rule into account. However, putting G in 4 only means that P must be in 1 or 7 and still allows for LO to be in two different places.

Does that make sense?

Ryan on June 16, 2018

Yes sir.