The number of automobile thefts has declined steadily during the past five years, and it is more likely now than it w...

efractu2991 on June 17, 2018

Why A?

Is the answer A because there are fewer car thieves ( reason why there are less car thefts ) and because it is more likely for someone who steals a car to be convicted of the crime (reason why thieves abandon the cars before the owner notices? ) I feel like it's a stretch. If it is more likely that you will be convicted of the crime by stealing a car , what's the point of stealing it in the first place if you're going to abandon it ? Does the thief realize the chances of being convicted if caught AFTER they steal the car or??? I'm pretty confused by this question. Any help would be great

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Anita on June 18, 2018

@efractu Yes, the logic is that there are fewer thieves (so fewer thefts), but thieves now don't usually abandon cars before their owners notice (so they're more likely to get caught now.) We don't know from the prompt why it is that this is the case or if thieves know that they're getting caught more often now, just that it would explain the change some. For the idea of stealing a car and abandoning it, this is a common crime where people just steal a car temporarily.