Which one of the following statements most accurately characterizes a difference between the two passages?

Rachel on June 19, 2018


Could you explain more clearly the difference between principle questions and illustration questions?


Christopher on June 21, 2018

@Rachel-Favors, there are video lessons, drills, and practice questions for both. It'll be best to work through each of those when you get to them in the course rather than jumping into long explanations here.

Dennison on November 26 at 10:49PM


In the flash cards, multiple answers are listed as Principle (Strengthen, Weakness, etc) But then some answers are simply Strengthen, Weakness, etc. Confused about this.

Jacob on January 19 at 09:31AM

Hi @Dennison41,

If you are working on a question that contains a principle, it is considered a principle version of that question type. So a question that is otherwise a strengthen question is upgraded to a Principle (strengthen) question if it happens to contain a principle. Fundamentally, it is still a strengthen question, although you may give extra attention to the LSAT components that are common among principle questions such as conditional logic. The same thing could happen on a must be true question. In short, if you see the word principle in the question stem, you still need to ask yourself what type of question it is beyond a principle question.