The obsession of economists with consumption as a measure of economic well–being has prevented us from understanding ...

Zahra on June 19, 2018

Question #1

Hello. Can you please explain the correct answer. I chose D. Thank you

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Christopher on June 21, 2018

@Zahra, this is a main point question, so you're looking for a statement that is similar to the conclusion although it does not need to simply restate the conclusion. In this case, the author is arguing that only looking at consumption "has prevented us from understanding the true nature of economic well-being," and continues by giving examples of types of consumption that we would not consider to be contributing to our own well-being. So what is the main point?

(A) the author specifically says that looking exclusively at consumption has prevented us from understanding economic well-being, which suggests that economic well-being cannot be defined only in terms of consumption.

(B) the author never makes this argument.

(C) if the author's objection wasn't measurability but how much of consumption could actually hinder economic well-being

(D) the author never mentions this.

(E) the author never offers satisfaction as an alternative but as a factor in which consumption fails to adequately address the issue of economic well-being.

Does that help?

on August 7, 2018

How do I print out this whole test?

on January 29, 2019

Is there a printed version to this exam? you guys have stressed the importance of taking the test with pencil and paper, but I dont see this test on any of the printed materials sent to me.

Ravi on February 14, 2019

@elijah @jguarnaccia,

If you're on the monthly subscription, then you can't print. However, if you have a Pro or Premium account, you can print out the materials. Could you confirm which type of account you guys have? Thanks!

Aryn on March 20, 2019

Hi I have a pro account. Is this test in the diagnostic exams book I received? If so, which year is it?

Gideon on May 25, 2019

@elijah please I do have a pro account. How can I print out the entire exams. I have done most of them in the diagnostic book I received and it's hard to redo them in the same book because I have written in them. Thank you.

Gideon on May 25, 2019

Sorry, I meant @Ravi

Paul on June 20, 2019

Hi, I was wondering how I print the exam? I have a premium account so I figured I should be able to, but I dont see the option anywhere. Appreciate any help!