Which one of the following is most analogous to the role that, according to the author, custom-made medical illustrat...

Esther on June 20, 2018


I chose B, but I wanted to know why that was wrong, and how A was correct.

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Christopher on June 21, 2018

@Ohemaa, lines 55-63 refer to the uses of custom-made medical illustrations. That part of the passage suggests that the illustrations are used to make expert medical testimony easier to understand. (A) says the same thing except replacing medical testimony with engineering testimony. (B) is not analogous to the passage. Does that make sense?

Samantha on April 22, 2020

^ very helpful. Thank you!

Haoqing on July 21 at 02:46AM

How do you explain why B is not analogous by just simply saying B is not analogous and A is analogous by saying it is the same thing? It doesn't help at all....