If there are exactly two songs on the CD that both precede V and are preceded by Y, then which one of the following c...

RJEh on June 22, 2018

Not sure how to arrive at this answer

Hi there. Could you please explain q 15?

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Christopher on June 22, 2018


I am not going to walk through the rules to establish the entire setup, as that's all put together in the video. However, this is the setup you should have going into this question.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
NC _ _ _ NC RC NC

Question 15 says that if exactly two songs come between V and Y, which of the following could be true.

Looking at the scenario as we have it, the only way we could have two songs between V and Y is if Y is 2nd and V is 5th leaving the scenario like this.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
NC _ _ _ NC RC NC

Given that, let's look at the answer options.

(A) is wrong because V MUST be in 5 if we are to only have two tracks between V and Y.

(B) is wrong for the same reason as (A).

(C) for Y to be third, V would need to be 6th, and Z is already 6th and can't be elsewhere, so this is wrong.

(D) T must be in 1, and since 1 cannot have a new composition released ahead of it, it cannot be a rock classic, so this is wrong.

(E) there is nothing that would determine whether W is a rock classic or a new composition, so (E) could be true and is therefore the answer.

Does that help?